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august / writer / illustrator

The Tipsy Pelican Tavern Series

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Who is August?

August is a restless wanderer, former screenwriter, current startup founder, terrible dancer, satisfactory lover, amateur alcoholic, professional author, and aspiring artist.


August wrote the first volume of the Tipsy Pelican Tavern back in 2019 when he had just begun learning to illustrate. The novel was met with raving reviews but there were many protests about the art.


It sold a few hundred copies.


Upon the release of the second volume, a few thousand more copies were sold. The art was a little better and readers were somewhat less appalled by the the illustrations.


As of January 2024, the Tipsy Pelican Tavern has sold several tens of thousands of copies with the vast majority of readers completing every installment.


The art grievances occur only seldomly now.

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