The Tipsy Pelican Tavern Series

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VOL 1: Even a Hero Needs a Vacation Every Now and Then

VOL 2: Everyone Knows You Shouldn't Rescue Maidens in Alleyways

VOL 3: Rare Swords are Only Good Until You Lose Them

Tipsy Pelican Tavern Prequel Stories

Read the prequel stories for free right here.

Story Blurb

Will this legendary hero survive a commoner's life of running a tavern while keeping his identity secret?

Arch Gustkin is just the polite nineteen-year-old owner of the recently opened Tipsy Pelican Tavern. He enjoys brewing spell-cold ales, having laughs with his regulars, and bantering with his pretty barmaids.  

That's all he is. He's certainly not a disillusioned two-century-old warrior with the power to wipe out armies with a sweep of his hand. Nor is he an Awakened of the Eighth Gate, or a warrior of legend, or the unstoppable force of nature known as Archibold Stormblood.  

That would be ridiculous. Just look at the tender-faced lad, he barely has any aura rings, let alone any awakened gates.  

So if he were to draw the ire of the city's nobility, or get entangled with corrupt church officials, or be enlisted to help a beautiful young templar save an orphanage, Arch would handle it normally.

Totally normally.

Like any ordinary tavern keeper.  

Which, you know... he is.


The Tipsy Pelican Tavern series is told through Arch's own voice and written for readers who enjoy wit and humor, thought-provoking action, exposition-free world-building, and light novel-inspired illustrations.

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