• Access Tipsy Pelican Tavern prequel short stories
  • Access member-only journal entries and illustrations
  • Read beta drafts of select works ahead of the official release
  • Access to comments


Supporter - Side Stories & More
  • Everything included in free Member-access plus:
  • Access Tipsy Pelican Tavern side stories
  • Chance to name a character in the next TPT book/short story
  • Terms #1: Character name can be your name, but must work within story world / have August's approval
  • Terms #2: Supporter will be chosen at random ahead of each release
$1 / Month
$10 / Year


Patron - Alpha Drafts & More
  • Everything included in the Supporter Tier plus:
  • Access to Alpha Drafts of upcoming novels
  • Access Patron-only videos
  • Receive a copy of my self-published work ahead of release
  • Directly support August's writing (and ale addiction)
$5 / Month
$50 / Year

Super Patron

Your name in the acknowledgements of my novels
  • Everything in Patron tier plus:
  • Your name listed in the end credits at the end of my self-published novels for both ebooks and print editions as long as you are subscribed before book is submitted for publication.
  • Access to my some of my old screenplays.
  • Self-published audiobooks before public release.
$10 / Month
$100 / Year uses Stripe to process payments.

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