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Hi there. I'm August. I tried writing this about page in third-person as would be expected of a professional author, but it felt ridiculous, so now it's in first-person.

I'm a nomadic writer, currently working on the Tipsy Pelican Tavern series and two other projects in development.

I was born in the U.S., though I've lived half my life overseas. I grew up spending all my free time reading British novels and Japanese manga, which hopefully helps excuse my sense of humor.

While attending UCLA and working in the film industry, I was given some life changing advice by a Hollywood executive. Basically it went like this: "If you want to become a writer, go see the world."

Since then I've lived in Australia, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Vietnam (Japan is next on my list), where I worked all sorts of whacky jobs—web programmer, club promoter, magazine editor, director of operations, startup consultant, etc—I figured  "seeing the world" didn't only mean moving locations.

During my travels, I also wrote several feature-length screenplays, and eventually I partnered with a production company to write an noir mind-bender for the international market. However, just a few months before filming was slated to begin, my creative partner, the producer and director of the film, unexpectedly passed away.

That was pretty rough, both personally and professionally. I lost a dear friend and my career partner. We'd been working on our film for two years, and we had some big plans to take the film industry by storm. It all disappeared overnight.

After taking some time for myself, I decided to focus on writing novels instead, more specifically, fun, humorous novels that don't take life too seriously but allow for moments of philosophical reflection every now and then.

So yeah, that's me and this is my site—it's still in development, but you'll find some extra content related to my books here and probably ramblings, illustrations, and other random mildly interesting stuff.

Okay, that's it. Thanks for reading! wrote the author as he finished his extremely unprofessional not-third-person about page.

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